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Functional Movement Screen - Level 1 Online Course


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The FMS is a proven system that will assist you in creating the most effective customized exercise program to avoid injury and increase performance in any population group. Outside of attending a live seminar, the FMS Level 1 Online Course is the next best place to begin educating yourself about FMS. However we recommend you to take the live course!

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This online course, the equivalent of FMS’s Level 1 course, will provide you with the background and philosophy of the FMS and give you specifics on how to perform the screen. Once you have viewed and studied the online material, you will be prepared to take the Certification exam, which is included in the course and online.

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The FMS Level 1 Online Course contains the following:

  • FMS Philosophy -- Gray Cook provides over 45 minutes of information about the background and philosophy regarding this cutting edge approach to evaluating movement.

  • FMS Screening Procedures -- About 30 minutes of video with specific instructions and tips on how to perform and score the seven screens.

  • FMS Manual -- This downloadable manual serves as an excellent resource for screening individuals. It will also provide much of the necessary information needed to pass the certification exam.

  • Access to FMS Certification Exam -- The online test contains 60 multiple-choice questions. The exam requires an 80% or above score and you have three opportunities to pass.  You will know your results immediately.

Upon passing the exam, you will receive one year of FREE FMS Certified Membership.  As such, the entire FMS website is unlocked to you -- articles, podcasts, the ability to add yourself to the Find a Certified Member Map, etc. -- free for one year. Best of all, you will be part of a great network of exercise professionals who share the same principles as you with regards to exercise prescription.

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The FMS 1 seminar:

The Functional Movement Screen Level 1 Seminar teaches the rating and ranking system that captures fundamental movement patterns, motor control, and competency of basic movement patterns. The core focus of the movement screen is to emphasize movement quality over quantity, and to identify any movement deficiencies or limitations. Since the body is complex in nature and operates as a system, it is necessary to address movement patterns as a whole, rather than evaluating isolated joint measurements when trying to determine inefficiencies. The movement screen is an applicable tool that should be used when determining an appropriate exercise program for any individual.

The Level 1 Seminar begins with an in-depth discussion of why it is essential to do the movement screen and how it can be an effective tool in assigning an exercise program. In doing so, the material that is taught provides information about how an individual or client might be at risk for injury because of asymmetries, dysfunction, or pain. The course also touches on the history of physical education and the decline of movement over the past century.

Secondly, the Level 1 seminar begins to explain the Functional Movement Screen. During this interactive process, a live screen is performed so that the audience can visually observe the screen and validate its usefulness. While administering the screen, the instructor also addresses common mistakes, biomarkers to look for, and overall screening tips to help identify differences related to scoring criteria for the movement tests. The scoring system itself consists of 7 tests with a ranking system of 3, 2, 1 and 0 based upon certain objectives.

After the full screen has been taught and practiced, the instructors will discuss prioritizing the FMS Screen results to assign proper corrective exercise solutions. Examples of possible corrective interventions will be discussed and demonstrated. All of the exercises that are mentioned in the manual are also available in the exercise library on FunctionalMovement.com. The seminar finishes with instructions on how to become certified by taking the online FMS Level 1 Certification Exam and the benefits associated with this certification. Upon passing the online certification exam, you will be classified as a FMS Certified Member. As such, the entire FMS website is unlocked to you – articles, podcasts, the Find a Certified Member registry, etc. – free for one year. Best of all, you will be part of a great network of exercise professionals who share the same principles as you with regards to exercise prescription.


Course Objectives

  • Gain a historical perspective on movement
  • Learn how to administer the movement screen
  • Understand the difference between mobility and motor control
  • Interpret the difference between the raw and final score
  • Understand how to interpret the scoring system
  • Assign corrective exercises based on a FMS score