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IKN Performance

IKN Performance is a 1 day 8 hour interactive course that is heavily movement based. It will cover a large number of techniques and exercises that will properly harness the nervous system to improve speed, strength and power, including neural modifiers to make any movement including squat, bench and lunges more stimulatory to the brain. All the techniques in this course are able to be performed hands off, making it perfect for coaches, trainers, athletes, or anyone working in the sports performance world.

• Introduction/theory
• Neurology 101
• Importance of neurology in the sports performance world
• Breathing’s relationship with sports performance
• Breathing techniques
• Neurolymphatic Reflex Point stimulation and sequencing
• Vestibular System 101
• How to assess the vestibular system
•Treatment techniques to improve performance

Lunch Break 12:00pm-1:00pm 

• Cerebellum 101
• How to assess the cerebellum
• Treatment techniques to address cerebellar deficits
• Visual System 101
• How to assess the visual system
• Visual drills, and tools to combine into movement
• Neural Balancing Movements to improve ROM, and improve warm up
• Neural Modifiers, to change any exercise to be more stimulatory to the brain
• Importance of muscle sequencing
• Cross Body & Brain Safety movements to improve force production
• Kinetic Stretching

Location of the course: HumanMotion BV

Klaaskampen 19C
1251KN Laren


Recommendations to stay during the course:



Less than 300 meters from our office we have a nice Bed&Breakfast called: Het Hof van Laren.
For more information go to: www.hethofvanlaren.nl 

Hotel de Witte Bergen in Eemnes is for some courses HumanMotion does in the Netherlands; it is 5 minutes away (by car) from our office.

Amsterdam, is only 35 kilometres from the hotel. Amersfoort and Utrecht are only 20 kilometres away. The airport is 48 kilometers from the hotel.


From the Airport / Amsterdam city center.
We advise to travel by train from Schiphol airport to Hilversum and get a taxi from the trainstation Hilversum to Klaaskampen 19C. Total cost would be around: (1 way) € 10,00 for the train from Schiphol to Hilversum and approximately € 22,50 for the taxi from train station Hilversum to our location (all prices are estimated prices)

the phone number to make a taxi reservation is: +31 35 531 8080 (taxi Eemnes) Mostly there are also taxi’s on the station as well you can ask them for their rates.

You can by your train ticket at the train stations


Dr. Ryan Foley

Dr. Ryan Foley earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy and Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences,Psychology, and Gerontology from Nazareth College of Rochester, New York. After his 6 years ... 

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Dr. Ryan Foley earned his Doctor of Physical Therapy and Bachelor’s degree in Health Sciences,Psychology, and Gerontology from Nazareth College of Rochester, New York. After his 6 years in New York, he moved to Miami to work at a sports performance center, delivering treatment professional athletes from teams such as the Miami Dolphins, Denver Broncos and also the U.S.A Olympic Sailing team. It was here where he learned advanced treatment techniques to improve pain and sports performance. After his spell in Miami, Ryan moved to back to Manhattan, NY to begin working at a sports medicine & amp; rehabilitation Institute, specializing in helping individuals with pain and performance issues. Out of dissatisfaction with the conventional approach to helping people resolve pain and injuries, he moved back to Ireland and began studying applied functional neurology methods, specifically Proprioceptive Deep Tendon Reflex, along with other applied neuroscience approaches to help get people get out of pain and improve function. He now owns his own private practice Evolve Physiotherapy

Prijs€ 249,00
Inclusief syllabus. Een lunch wordt geserveerd.
Ontvangsttijd17-02-2019 om 08:30
Start17-02-2019 om 09:00
Eindtijd17-02-2019 om 17:00
LocatieLaren (Nh)
Expert(s)Dr. Ryan Foley
Didactische werkwijzeTheorie en Praktijk, zonder toetsing
Algemene voorwaardenAlgemene voorwaarden
LeidingJ. Smeenge
Min-max deelnemers8-25
Duur1 dag(en)