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Methodology and devices for an objective, easy, non-expensive and reliable assessment 

This one day course is a theoretical and practical course about therapies and exercise program assessment.  The course emphasis is on the reliable and valid tests to assess strength, velocity, power, proprioception, range of motion and motor control in the shoulder and the core. The aim of this course is showing how to manage some devices and data to control the exercise progress for “return to play” after an injury.

Participants will perform the techniques to assess the shoulder and the core status and will acquire new methods to objectively control the patient progresses.

Course objectives:

  • Improve scientific and empirical knowledge about new trends in shoulder and core assessment in physiotherapy.
  • Recognize the main outputs to patients follow up, to prevent or assess patient’s injury.
  • Improve knowledge about reliability and validity of different measurement methods and devices.
  • Learn and practice how to assess patients range of movement, reaction time, proprioception, motor control and different kind of strength with reliable and valid methods.


Deze cursus is geschikt voor (sport)fysiotherapeuten, manueel therapeuten

Accreditatie KNGF:  in aanvraag algemeen practicus, sportfysiotherapie en manuele therapie

Method​ ​of​ ​Instruction:

This course is a mix of hands on practical, lecture and discussion. The lecture format is designed to encourage discussion and critique of the research in the area of patient’s assessment during rehabilitation process. Case studies are used to allow participants to apply the concepts introduced in the lecture.

Course overview:

  • Reliability and validity. Which devices or methods are the best to assess patients progress? (9:00-11:00)
  • Assessing range of motion, proprioception, reaction time and lumbopelvic motor control with reliable and valid devices (11:00-13:00)
  • Assessing strength, power and velocity with dynamometers and linear encoders (14:00-17:00)

Location of the course: HumanMotion BV

Klaaskampen 19C
1251KN Laren


Recommendations to stay during the course:



Less than 300 meters from our office we have a nice Bed&Breakfast called: Het Hof van Laren.
For more information go to: www.hethofvanlaren.nl 

Hotel de Witte Bergen in Eemnes is for some courses HumanMotion does in the Netherlands; it is 5 minutes away (by car) from our office.

Amsterdam, is only 35 kilometres from the hotel. Amersfoort and Utrecht are only 20 kilometres away. The airport is 48 kilometers from the hotel.


From the Airport / Amsterdam city center.
We advise to travel by train from Schiphol airport to Hilversum and get a taxi from the trainstation Hilversum to Klaaskampen 19C. Total cost would be around: (1 way) € 10,00 for the train from Schiphol to Hilversum and approximately € 22,50 for the taxi from train station Hilversum to our location (all prices are estimated prices)

the phone number to make a taxi reservation is: +31 35 531 8080 (taxi Eemnes) Mostly there are also taxi’s on the station as well you can ask them for their rates.

You can by your train ticket at the train stations


Dr. Mònica Solana

Dr. Mònica Solana-Tramunt

Physical therapist specializing in Sports and Osteopathic Manual Therapy.
Lic. Science in physical activity and sport.

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Dr. Mònica Solana-Tramunt

Physical therapist specializing in Sports and Osteopathic Manual Therapy.
Lic. Science in physical activity and sport.

Academic Training received:
• Grade in Physiotherapy by the UAB University, Barcelona in 1992-1995.
• Post Grade in Sport Physiotherapy by the UAB University, Barcelona, 1996-1997.
• Post Grade in Osteopathy by the UAB University, Barcelona, 1993-1998.
• Grade in Science of Sport by University of Barcelona, UB, 1997-2001.
• PhD. On Science of Sport by the Ramon Llull University, 2011

Current professional situation:
• Associate Professor in Science of Sport, Blanquerna Faculty of Psychology, Education Sciences and Sport, Department of Science of Physical Activity and Sport. Start date: 02/09/2002
• Head Physiotherapist of the Spanish swimming federation (Olympic team).

Current professional activity:
1. Lecturer in the Official Master on Training, Physical Activity and Health (Ramon Llull University, Barcelona).
2. Lecturer in the Official Master on Rehabilitation and Return to play in sport (Universidad Catholica de Valencia, Valencia).
3. Lecturer in the Grade of Science of Sport, teaching Applied Anatomy and sports Biomechanics since 2002.
4. Head Physiotherapist of the Spanish swimming federation (Olympic team) since 1995.

Positions held before current job: 
• Physiotherapist of the Olympic team of the Olympic Games of Rio de Janeiro 2016
• Physiotherapist of the Olympic team during the London 2012 Olympic Games
• Physiotherapist of the Olympic team during the Olympics of Athens 2004
• Physiotherapist of the Olympic team during the Sydney Olympic Games 2000
• Coordinator of the Physical Therapy Post-Graduation Course 2005-2007.
• Physiotherapist of the Canoeing Spanish Olympic team 2004-2008.
• Physiotherapist of the Spanish senior and Olympic mountain biking team
• Strength & Conditioning of the TV program 'CIM' 2000.
• Physiotherapist with 24 hours of Montmeló. Yamaha motor Spain 20/06/1997
• Physiotherapist of the Conde de Godó tennis Trophy 1997
• Physiotherapist of the Catalan basketball team 1993-1994.


Prijs€ 289,00
Inclusief syllabus. Een lunch wordt geserveerd.
Ontvangsttijd08-06-2020 om 08:30
Start08-06-2020 om 09:00
Eindtijd08-06-2020 om 17:00
LocatieLaren (Nh)
Expert(s)Dr. Mònica Solana
Didactische werkwijzeTheorie en Praktijk, zonder toetsing
Algemene voorwaardenAlgemene voorwaarden
LeidingJ. Smeenge
Min-max deelnemers14-24
Duur1 dag(en)