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­­Why I recommend Functional Movement Screening

[by Niels Duinmaijer]

As we all know the human body is driven by fundamental movements, within motor control units that provides the competence of basic movements. During all the normal activities the body has a high chance to get imbalanced and in worst case scenarios these imbalanced movement patterns leads to a future injury.
But does your clients know this? Nowadays it’s really hard to make sure that every single person is exercising with a good technique, structure and within the right movement patterns. 

Since I am using the Functional Movement Screening with all of my new personal training clients I am better able to give them a personal plan for the future. With this method I am more capable of providing them not only what they want, in terms of weight loss, gaining muscle or getting into shape. But also providing the exercises their body really needs.  
Working with these corrective exercises, training and rehabilitation methods makes their body using less compensatory movements during regular activities.

Making sure the new client reach their goal is one thing. Making sure that your client is reaching their goal by training smart and efficient is another level. Try to let them see that it is not only about doing the exercise, but let them also feel when to engage a muscle, when to focus on the muscle contraction and provide them the information of what the benefits are from those advanced corrective exercises.

The Functional movement screening course provides me not only new information about exercises, movement patterns and rehabilitation steps. It changed my view of the limitations of my own sessions that I delivered to my personal training clients. In fact all of my old clients react very good on my new method, because they knew my background and they knew I was planning a new course.

If you want to make your own sessions more interesting by not only giving the client what they want, but also providing the exercises that their body needs - Functional Movement Screening is really a course that I would recommend. 

Want to know more about Functional Movement Screening or follow one of the courses? Please take a look at our course overview at humanmotion.eu.

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