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IKN Performance

IKN Performance is a 1 day 8 hour interactive course that is heavily movement based. It will cover a large number of techniques and exercises that will properly harness the nervous system to improve speed, strength and power, including neural modifiers to make any movement including squat, bench and lunges more stimulatory to the brain.

We will be covering how to make sports performance & training more stimulatory to the brain and nervous system. We will be focusing on movements that will help improve muscle sequencing, force absorption/production, speed, and reaction to environment. After attending this course, you will be able to make any movement and tailor it to stimulate the nervous system. We will be using barbells in this course so it helps to be comfortable in that setting.

  • This is not a singular approach
  • Nothing can replace an solid strength training program
  • everything we cover during this day is meant to supplement to allow to improve results

All the techniques in this course are able to be performed hands off, making it perfect for therapists, coaches, trainers, athletes, or anyone working in the sports performance world.

Accreditatie KNGF: 7 punten voor algemeen practicus

Doelgroep: (sport)fysiotherapeuten en trainers.


9-10:00am: Neurology & Performance
• How does IKN look at performance?
• Neurology 101
• How can neurology affect strength, power and speed?

10:00am-11:00pm Force absorption and importance of stiffness
(Practical breakout)
• How does stiffness help us absorb force
• Avoiding preparatory movements
• Force absorption exercises  and cueing

11:00pm-12:30pm Movement Neural Modifiers
(Practical Breakout)
How to make any movement more stimulating to the nervous system
• Isometrics
• Super Eccentrics
• Catch & explode
• A&B Pauses

12:30pm-13.30pm lunch break

13:30pm-14:30pm Intent and the power of co-contractions
(Practical Breakout)
• Intention & internal cueing
• Co-contraction at distal joints & spine to improve motor learning

14:30pm-15:30pm Engaging the visual system
(practical breakout)
• Importance of quiet eye training & gaze stability
• What really is hand eye coordination?

15:30pm-17:00pm Perception and reaction
• Force potential vs force expression
• Adding uncertainty into training



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