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Motorpoint stimulation with dry needling: upper body

Motorpoint stimulation will benefit therapists that work with musculoskeletal complaints on a daily basis. Working with motorpoints is a very fast way to facilitate muscles that are weak and/or inhibited. Very often this is an instantaneous way to create changes in range of motion and proprioception; these changes in proprioception often make the client feel that the quality of motion is much better.

What's a motorpoint?
”small region of a skeletal muscle in which motor endplates are aggregated; the muscle is most sensitive to electrical stimulation at this point.”

Dictionary of Sport and Exercise Science and Medicine by Churchill Livingstone © 2008 Elsevier Limited. All rights reserved.

Why to use motorpoints:
A motorpoint is the area of the muscle were it’s easiest to elicit an motor response with electricity. When we stimulate it to have a motor response it will send a barrage of input from the muscle spindles to the nervous system. This barrage of signals can often give instant changes in range of motion, facilitation and how the client perceives a specific motion and/or area.

Needle experience:
For needling of motorpoints its required to have basic skill levels. We will spend the majority of the time on finding and needling the motorpoints..

Course outline:
We will provide a brief overview of muscle testing as an starting point  for assessing weak and/or inhibited muscles in the neck and upper extremity. After each brief section  of muscle testing we will show you anatomy and were its available research how to find and needle the most common motorpoints in that section. We will also talk about working with muscles that are inhibited and/or weak instead of working with muscles that are tight. After this seminar you will be confident in locating and needling motorpoints with your clients in order to restore mobility and/or reduce pain.


  • Overview of muscle testing
  • Anatomy review of each area we needle.
  • Needling of motorpoints
  • How to use the pointerplus for stimulation of motorpoints



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