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Ron A. Alexander

Ron A. Alexander

FunctionalFascialTaping® was founded and refined by Ron Alexander in 1994 during eight years service for The Australian Ballet. He was a Co-investigator of a Randomised Double Blind Placebo Controlled Study *[PhD] at Deakin University, Melbourne Australia.

The Australian Ballet award Ron in 1997, The Lady Southey Scholarship for Excellence. This included a 6-week study tour of Europe. Ron's passion for tape was further encouraged by Dr Karim Khan, Dr Ken Crichton and Physiotherapists Jan Smith (PhD candidate) and Susan Mayes.

* This study was supervised by Associate Professor Cook and Professor Sing. The PhD Candidate Shu-Mei Chen, Senior Lecturer, School of Physical Therapy, Kaohsiung Medical University, Kaohsiung, Taiwan.

Ron has presented the FFT method to the following:

¤ Fifth Interdisciplinary World Congress on Lower Back &Pelvic Pain (2004, 2007)
¤ International Olympic Committee World Congress on Sports Sciences 
¤ The Australian Conference of Science and Medicine in Sport (1998, 2005)
¤ Sports Medicine Australia (NSW, Biannually) 
¤ The Football Association (FA) Academy, League Teams Medical In-Service Training 

¤ Football Association Conference/Royal College of Surgeons UK 
¤ The Australian Institute of Sport, Canberra (2004) 
¤ Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy Association 14th Biennial Conference 
¤ Institute of Registered Myotherapists of Australia
¤ Soft Tissue Injury Forum Melbourne Univesity (1996)

¤ First International Fascia Research Congress, Harvard Medical School (2007) {Abstracts}
¤ International Private Practitioners Association Innovate Conference
¤ Australian Association of Massage Therapists Conference (1998, 2005, 2006)
¤ Essendon FC 'Go Bombers' 
¤ Australian Rules Football 
¤ St George Hospital Sydney 

¤ Chelsea Football Club UK (2006)
¤ Crystal Palace Football Club UK 
¤ The Stowmarket Osteopaths UK

¤ Finland Truku Sports Care (2005, 2006)
¤ Singapore Physiotherapy Emmanuel Physiotherapy (2006, 2007) 
¤ London Physio UK (2005, 2006, 2007)
¤ Wales 
¤ Scotland
¤ USA Westside Dance Medicine NY


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