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Peter Lundgren

Peter Lundgren

Peter lives in Sweden, Tyresö and is so called Naprapat. It’s a five year education in manual medicin. During the first four years it covers topics from anatomy and physiology to nutrition biomechanics progressing to massage techniques and manual adjustments. Last year is a practical internship treating patients and managing cases. Peter is using  different techniques in his clinic like; dry needling, manual adjustments, soft tissue tension release technique, FAT tool and drop table adjustments. He combines these in a specific manner called Functional Integrated Therapy. The way the modalities are combined helps speed up recovery as well as optimizes performance. He treats all kind of injuries in his clinic from acute injuries such as sports injuries to chronic pain management and also a number of complex cases that are a result of failed surgery or severe trauma cases.

He developed the soft tissue course which is an evolution from the FAT tool work I have been doing for the past several years. The FAT-Tool Technique is great at identifying and loosening areas of increase tension from superficial to deep structures. Myo Matrix Release follows similar principles and allows me to identify and treat tissue tension lines in a 3D way in the body for different clinical conditions. 


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