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Dr. Kyle Paxton

Dr. Kyle Paxton


Dr. Kyle Paxton has earned his Bachelor of Science degree in Exercise Science, along with his Doctorate of Physical Therapy degree from a private university in New York. He set launch to his career by moving to Washington, D.C. and opening a private-owned sports medicine clinic. Through his experiences at the clinic, he realized that the “traditional” approach to rehabilitation was no longer sufficient for providing clients with long-lasting outcomes for enhanced physical performance. From consulting and working with colleagues within the highest level of athletics, he soon realized the power of the nervous system and its immense affect on physical performance. Dr. Paxton began to tailor his techniques within his clinical work accordingly and found positive, sustaining results for clients with a variety of needs. His successes and experiences led to the development of Integrated Kinetic Neurology (IKN), a simplistic yet diverse system involving a combination of neuroscience and movement techniques. Dr. Paxton has strategically shaped the techniques involved in IKN to ensure feasibility in knowledge and application, allowing practitioners to utilize the techniques amongst a variety of settings, and to promote drastic and timely improvements for clients within the areas of pain and performance.


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