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Dr. francisco Ortega

Dr. francisco Ortega

Physiotherapy by the University CEU Cardenal Herrera.

Development and teaching of the NMP® technique, Echoguided Percutaneous Neuromodulation

Professor at the Valencian School of Health Studies (EVES).

Master in Neurofunctional Acupuncture by McMaster University.

Dry puncture - Orlando Mayoral, Travell & Simons.

Acupuncture for physiotherapists

Advanced dry puncture - Orlando Mayoral, Travell & Simons

Mesotherapy for the locomotor system – MVCLINIC

Musculo-skeletal ecography -Pedret, Permanyer,Bong,Barcelo, MUPEPI

Percutaneous Intratisular Electrolysis. Jose Manuel Sanchez. CEREDEEPM

Percutaneous Electrolysis of Musculoskeletal. MV clinic


Percutaneous Neuromodulation Therapy (PNT)
26 & 27 juni, 2021
Laren (Nh)
Combi course tDCS and PNT
25, 26 & 27 juni 2021
Laren (Nh)